A New Vision For Washington


We are Washingtonians (though we rarely use that name)—we say that we are from Washington State, not the “other Washington.”  We know what a beautiful a place this is, and how lucky we are to live here.  However, we also know that the secret is out, and that we need to grow well.  We appreciate the nature around us, our world-class parks, and our clean waters.  We work hard, and balance life with adventure, family, and friends.  Let's come together with a vision for everyone in the future of Washington.

What matters most

People have been talking, and voting.  What matters most to us right now are the efforts for Reconciliation on a personal level, the standard of simple Trustworthiness for our state government, and mending  the Livability of our cities.  Here are the 15 points that I think can bring us a new vision for Washington in 2020.

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