Introducing our campaign

Hi, my name is Rich. 


I am not just running a campaign for governor, I am leading a community effort to win the office for the first time in 35 years.  I want to run a campaign that is “Of the people, by the people…” to provide a new vision for the people of Washington State.  What if, we as Washingtonians, could develop a unity not seen by the rest of the country; what if we could lead an effort of reconciliation?  By casting our votes this November, what if we could choose our next struggles, and become a single community battling these issues?


I have had the benefit of wonderful leadership throughout my professional career, and I hope to provide that same leadership for the people of this state.  Good leadership can make such a difference in life.  I see all government entities as a support structure for the people, not the other way around.  Every firefighter, police officer, state employee, and politician exists to support the people of their communities.  I hope to support you as governor, so that we might all prosper ahead, with clear minds, loving hearts, and a new vision for Washington.


I grew up in Spokane, Washington, and graduated as valedictorian from Mead High School (go Panthers!).  From then, I transitioned  to successful tenures at the Air Force Academy, MIT, and the US Air Force as a pilot and professor.  I spent the next portion of my life providing business development, consulting, and other volunteer services in developing countries around the world.  I have volunteered years of my life in communities of all colors.   I represent the direction of the younger generations in this country: Gen X is stable, hardworking, and taking leadership responsibilities at the core of our country; Gen Y is winning in the new marketplace, with their intelligence, tech skills, and creativity; and Gen Z is no-nonsense, focused, and highly productive in their work and studies (these folks are going to be exciting to watch).


If interested, please have a look at my view of what I think are the 15 most important points facing our society today.  We carry a message like this, and it is a message of immense value.


We can win... we can win with community horsepower—our country was founded on it.  Thank you for your time and service.


Rich Millard

Candidate for Governor of Washington State

© 2020 Rich for Governor

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